Feature Centrepiece: Large Shell Bundle with 70 CM Woven Basket (13 Piece Set)

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We have done all the hard work here for you and put together an epic collection of our most popular large polished shells and included the basket to display them in. Simply arrange them per the image below, add linen, florals or greenery of your choice and feel like a stylist has snuck into your home and left their mark.  

***OVER $700 VALUE*** ONLY $599

Any of these shells would stand alone proudly, individually some are up to 26cm tall, and you can mix and move them around your home as you like. However with this specially curated collection to fit the appropriately long and narrow woven grass basket, this centrepiece will rise elegantly on your dining table, your mantle or even a large coffee table. Sure to impress your guests!


1 x Large Polished Cassis Cornuta Horned Helmet Shell 26 CM
1 x Real Giant Ton Shell XL 23 CM
1 x Noble Volute 15CM
1 x Large Polished Melon Shell 26CM
1 x Large Spider Conch 27cm
1 x Pacific Conch White 12cm
1 x Pacific Conch Natural 16cm
1 x Real Whelk Shell 20cm
1 x Polished White Horn Shell 15cm
1 x Giant "Frog Shell" AKA Bursa Bubo 20 CM
1 x Wooden Ball small 
1 x Wooden Ball large
1 x Large Basket 70 x 34 CM Natural WhiteMoney Back Guarantee

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