Crystal Precious Stone Bracelet - High Grade Noble Shungite

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Elastic stretch crystal bead bracelet. Real natural polished stones.

Stone of Life - Growth, transformation and positive change

Shungite is an ancient rock formation that’s believed to be about two billion years old. It receives its healing powers from one of its major elements, fullerenes, which are a crystalline form of carbon. Shungite is the only known source of fullerenes on earth - except for a few meteorites - which makes it extra special.

Protects from electromagnetic frequency which makes it great to wear at all times and it focuses its energy on the first or root chakra, giving us a stronger connection to the earth, i.e. feeling grounded.

For more information on Crystal Cleansing, refer to the Product Care link in the footer. 

  • As a natural specimen, its appearance may vary slightly from the images shown depending on your screen resolution and they may contain tiny fissures which are part of its natural form. 
  • Each is unique.

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Shungite bracelet

Thanks for a beautiful bracelet that feels lovely to wear and is gorgeous too!