Large Blue Lace Agate Fine Polished Slice


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As seen in Belle Magazine April 2015

These large 0.5 CM thin consecutive agate slices have been polished on both sides for a smooth glassy finish. Comes with stand as shown.

Agate combines the strength and solidity of a stone with the fluidity of water and translucency of air. It has a gentle translucency that makes it fascinating to explore its inner world. Agate is a type of microcrystalline quartz. Used decoratively and for their well known healing and Feng Shui properties.

Blue Agate: Used in Feng Shui, Agate has a balancing and healing energy that can be very soothing. Some experts consider the blue lace agate the most powerful healing stone of all the blue stones.

The perfect addition to your eclectic home interior or a unique gift idea! 

Large Blue Lace Agate Fine Polished Slices by Sourceress The Store