Wildflower Body Oil 100ml

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Wildflower Oil Body contains precious oils which work in tandem to promote a youthful, radiant glow from head to toe. Nutrient-dense, lightweight, artisan oils promote healing and nourish the deepest layers of your skin. 

The lightweight little sis to the Wildflower Face Oil. Many of the same ingredients but the exclusion of the Rose and Jasmine makes for a lighter variation on the theme. All over the body goodness. 

Generous 100ml size bottle will last! 


Rare, treasured and exotic extracts from this potent oil designed for all climates. Rich in anti-inflammatory botanicals, Wildflower Oil will increase blood circulation, promote cellular renewal and allow maximum absorption of its powerful antioxidants.


Suitable for all skin types.
Not recommended for use in pregnancy due to essential oil content.
Not suitable for people with nut allergies.
Perform an allergy test patch prior to use.


When the sun rises and sets, warm a couple of pumps of Wildflower Oil on your hands then smooth over your entire body.

Keep your Wildflower Oil in a cool, dry place and do not overexpose to sunlight. Use within 12 months of opening.


Grapeseed Oil ~ Packed full of antioxidants and linoleic acid, which helps reduce clogged pores.
Hazelnut Oil ~ Naturally helps reduce oil production and strengthens skins elasticity.
Olive Squalane (derived from olives) ~ Prevents irritation, soothes skin and fights bacteria.
Meadowfoam Flower Oil ~ Deeply penetrates the skin and fights oxidative stress.
Marigold Flower ~ Antibacterial and immunostimulant properties. Also helps stimulate the production of collagen.
Avocado Oil ~ Rich source of Oleic Acid. Hydrating, smoothing and softening, Avocado Oil helps reduce blackheads and skin inflammation.
Non-phototoxic Bergamot Peel ~ Brightens skin and unclogs pores. Balances and cleanse oily skin.
Evening Primrose Oil ~ Sensitive on skin, high in antioxidants, helps balance hormonal skin conditions. 
Lavender Flower ~ Antimicrobial soothes and nourishes the skin. Helps heal dry, cracked, acne-prone skin. Reduces the appearance of dark spots.
Pomegranate Seed Oil ~ Hydrating relief and deeply nourishing oil containing high levels of Ellagic Acid which helps prevent UV damage.
Frankincense Oil ~ A powerful astringent which helps protect skin cells. Tones skin and provides cell regeneration.
Lemon Peel ~ Increase skin lustre, helps reduce hyperpigmentation.
Neroli Blossom ~ Working at a cellular level, Neroli Blossom Oil regenerates skin cells and improve skins elasticity.
Cypress Leaf ~ Provides relief from overactive sebum glands and increases blood flow.
Rosemary Leaf ~ Helps with cell regeneration, replacing damaged tissues and reducing the appearance of scars.
Turmeric Root ~ A natural antiseptic and helps to keep bacteria from spreading. Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.
Tamanu Nut ~ A rare oil that stimulates the growth of new healthy tissues.
Carrot Seed Oil ~ Packed full of Vitamin A, rejuvenates dry skin, help firm and tone dull, tired skin.
Sea Buckthorn ~ An abundant source of the rare Omega 7 fatty acid which keeps skin firm and lifted.


Lux Aestiva is a hand-made in Australia brand from 100% locally sourced certified ingredients and organic where possible. These handmade, small-batch products are created using only the finest, ethically sourced raw ingredients which means there will never be any parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colours or preservatives. Never tested on animals. They do not use filler ingredients that dilute formulations or cheaper oils. This results in original formulations that are highly concentrated and highly effective. 


Lux Aestiva products contain ingredients that are derived directly from nuts (ie; macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil etc.) Please carefully read the full ingredients list for your product to determine its suitability prior to purchase. Sourceress and/or Lux Aestiva will not be held liable for allergic reactions.


Personal use beauty products, oil and accessories are excluded from our change of mind Returns Policy. Please choose carefully.  

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Carol Munro

How did I exist before having this heavenly elixer? My skin drinks this up and says thank you. This is like a magic potion and smells divine. Will definitely require more!