She’s raided private collections, pestered op-shop management and cut deals in parking lots in her hunt for the bizarre. If you've been to any of Sydney's best bars you've likely sat amongst her finds. She favours Deyrolle, Paris as her taxidermy mecca and aesthetic paradise, pre-loved film set props for fabulous fakes and has been described as baroque, kitsch, modern and nostalgic all at once. She's the kind of girl that knows a guy, who knows a girl that has a contact that can get you one of those. Whatever 'those' may be.

Having fixated on one enormous obsession: giant clamshells, Sourceress brings these rare beauties and an eclectic array of coastal luxe bohemian wares direct to you from her showroom in inner city Sydney and worldwide online at

The collection focuses on natural materials, organic shapes and hand crafted and recycled wares.