Polished Pink Queen Conch Shell


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Approx 20 CM

Each is naturally creamy and little bit peachy and a bright inner pastel pink. 

This is the shell Moana collects as she is guided into the sea. This shell (and others) are a symbol of the female. It is said that the pink also suggests sensuality, with its similarity to flesh tones. Symbolically, the conch is a vessel filled with the water of life and a symbol of the womb. The shell’s hard casing protects life, while its pearly luster and aquatic nature connect with puirity. In Buddhism the conch shell’s call is meant to awaken one from ignorance, and signals victory over suffering. In Chinese Buddhism, the conch shell signifies a prosperous journey, and in Islam it represents hearing the divine world. It's also just absolutely stunning!

The perfect addition to your eclectic home interior or a unique gift idea!

Polished Pink Queen Conch Shell by Sourceress The Store