Reindeer Throw Blanket Rug - Natural Albino

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Size: 120 x 110 CM Approx

Back in stock, beautiful whitest whites. Be quick! 

Note: the natural and rarer Albino rugs can run naturally a little smaller than the others and softer to the touch. Typically exhibits some light greyish brown markings on mostly natural white. 

These incredible throws will luxe up any space. They have a depth and a texture, unlike any other hide throw you have seen. Throw over your favourite armchair, at the end of your couch, at your feet when you wake or at the end of your bed. 

A delicate hide, best kept out of direct sunlight to preserve the hide and prevent shedding. A luxurious decorative throw. Not suitable for heavy use or foot traffic.

They are sustainably sourced, as the by-product of the meat farming industry. They are all natural, each one is unique. 


  • Once you have your new hide, we recommend shaking it out a couple of times a week, as initially, it may shed some fur. Do this regularly to remove dirt and debris
    Don’t position your hide in a high-traffic area as they are not designed for being walked over
    Don't position the hide directly in front of the fireplace or in direct sunlight, for long periods of time, as extreme heat can cause shedding
  • Do not place our products on direct heat sources such as heated floors. The heat will dry the natural leather hide backing which can cause it to crack and snap away the hair.
  • Try to keep pets, especially cats off the hide, as they have a tendency to rake out the fur


  • Attend to any soiling as soon as possible by spot cleaning with a fresh soft damp wet cloth with water only. Avoid excessive rubbing. Do not submerge in water.
  • Place the hide on a flat surface
  • Use a standard vacuum cleaner on the lowest power, not one with a rotating head
  • Vacuum the hide from head to feet gently

Customer Reviews

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Stunning reindeer rug!!

Absolutely stunning! Compliments every time someone walks into our guest room & sees the reindeer throw on the bed! Every piece (& there’s many) from Belinda that I have is absolutely beautiful, top quality & a masterpiece. Thank you for all my one of a kind, unique home pieces.