White Beach, Tasmania Residence

October 12, 2023

White Beach, Tasmania Residence

When I first saw photos of the house that Elyse was thinking about buying, it was a series of very small pictures on a phone. Through the sea of brown timber floors and brown timber furniture against plain white walls, I saw floor-to-ceiling windows showing off the rugged Tasmanian coastline. “What do you think?” she asked. Immediately I could see the path to bring to life a vision of luxury and style for a cinematic rustic coastal home. No time for a major renovation, it was October. It had to be done by Christmas. 

White Beach Tasmania Dining Room

Immediately we got to work. First up I suggested we paint the interiors black. I awaited the usual look of incredulity at my audacity to suggest something so bold, but forgot who I was dealing with and within a flash I was met with wide eyes, a beaming smile and a resounding YES! Then began the journey of remotely selecting the perfect shade of black to go with the exquisite home.

"The theatre of the wild location is echoed inside: all interior walls arepainted black – a move of sheer genius, further upping the ambience. (For those who like detail, its Dulux Blackwood Bay)".  

- Julie Hare AFR

As the bones of home were already amazing, a little colour consulting and sourcing by Sourceress, was complement by Elyse’s own magical touch with artists and local artisans to complete the look. We added so many sheepskins, the bean bag by the fireplace is of course heavenly, rugs in every room and cushions and throws at every stop. 




Have I stayed here myself? Yes! Did I want to leave? No! 

 Book yourself in to experience a little Sourceress + Siren at https://www.sirentasmania.com.au/

  • Luxe accommodation in Tasmania's breathtaking White Beach
  • Cedar and stainless hot tub
  • Outdoor fire pit
  • Artisan sandstone and local stone fire place
  • Beautiful handmade and designer furniture
  • Artworks by female artists featured throughout
  • Fully ducted heating and cooling
  • Chef’s kitchen
  • High speed wifi

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