Genuine Australian Single Face Shorn Sheepskin Throw Liner - Ivory

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Add a layer of velvety smooth comfort to your sofa, armchair or stroller or floor area with our low-fuss shorn sheepskin liners.

Made from real Australian Sheepskins that are cut short so they are less hairy basically. The perfect low maintenance, super comfy comforter. I have a white one on my white sofa for that extra luxe layer of softness and surface protection. 

Pro Tip:  Match the closest colour to your sofa for a layered textured look. I have this Ivory one on my own white linen sofa.

High quality pure natural wool, they are warm in winter and cool in summer, great to sleep or lounge on year-round. Produced using EcoTanTM tanning techniques with the end results being products that are free of health-harming chemicals. Wool is soil-repellent and hard-wearing, safe for the home and environmentally friendly. 

Please note that all colours except the Ivory, are Double Face, meaning the back suede side is also suitable for facing use, with its felt-like texture. The Ivory is the only one that has a standard less 'finished' suede back. The shorn front texture is the same on all. And each is hand-selected for colour, texture and softness.

  • Genuine Sheepskin
  • Size 100 x 70 cm approx
  • Also available as Double Face in 5 other colours 

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Joseph

happy with the 2 rugs . prompt delivery . thanks


Beautiful quality, I bought two and so happy with them